The Best Hair Hacks For Lazy Girls

by Stephanie Montes

It doesn’t matter when we go to bed, we can never wake up early enough to pull off a perfectly styled ‘do. Call us lazy, but that’s just honest. Luckily there are ways to sleep in (or spend an hour lounging in our robe thinking about getting ready) and still look polished every day. Ahead, the hair hacks we lazy girls use on the regular.


Lazy-Girl Hair Hacks

Blow-Dry Only What You Need To

When you absolutely need to wash your hair but don't have 40 minutes to dry it, focus on the center of the head (the mohawk area). If you can smooth the top and control unruly flyaways, your overall look will read polished.

Use Hot Tools Only On Face-Framing Pieces

Use a curling iron or wand to shape the pieces around your face. Yes, in a perfect world your entire head of hair would be a flowing masterpiece—but if you're late, it takes just a few minutes to perfectly manicure the front.

Style It Wet

When in doubt, wear the wet look and own it. Comb a high-shine gel through wet hair into your favorite style (we suggest a deep side part, sleek center part or brushed straight back). This ensures your hair looks shiny and sultry all day long.

Add An Accessory

Never underestimate the power of a sleek low pony or a bun embellished with a chic accessory. Give your hair a deep side part and smooth it down to the nape of the neck before securing it with a hair tie or coiling the pony into a tight bun. To step the style up a notch, add a luxe-looking embellishment.

Cut Your Dry Time In Half

Drying your hair with a towel is the easiest way to ruin it, as harsh fibers can damage your strands. Instead, use an old cotton T-shirt to gently squeeze out moisture post-shower. Bonus: Blow-dry time will be significantly shorter.

Ditch The Frizz Without The Tools

If you're heading out with wet hair, take a minute to apply a shine-enhancing texture balm. On your way to work, run your fingers through your hair in a twisting motion (away from the face). Continue twisting periodically until your hair is dry, and you'll be amazed by how frizz-free and shiny it looks.

Sleep In Braids For Beach Waves

Any iteration of a braid—French, Dutch, pigtail—when slept in will give you back-from-the-beach waves by morning. Just unravel and go! Add a texturizing spray for extra oomph.

Sleep In Buns For Big Curls

Work a volumizing mousse into damp hair from roots to tips, then place high buns on each side of your head and two more at the back just above the nape of the neck. (The trick is to neatly tuck in the ends to avoid awkward kinks.) In the morning, let them out and run your fingers through to comb out the curls.