Sun Damage & Breakouts Are No Match For This Glow-Boosting Turmeric Mask

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A lady with a yellow glow-boosting turmeric mask on her face

Face masks are a favorite pastime for kicking back and relaxing — especially after a long weekend, and preferably with a Netflix documentary playing and a glass of wine in hand. But aside from adding some extra hydration to your skin and giving you some solid Instagram content, most masks admittedly don't seem like they're doing all that much. When you want a face mask that really puts in the work (while you, on the other hand, lounge), you need a multi-tasking formula like Gleamin's Vitamin C Clay Mask. Powered by a handful of scientifically proven ingredients, the mask targets unwanted hyperpigmentation, helps minimize breakouts, and gives your skin a more radiant glow.

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How Does The Mask Work?

For some quick background information, Gleamin is an Australian brand that focuses on using ethically sourced ingredients rather than potential irritants like parabens, alcohol, and artificial fragrance. The brand is also vegan and PETA-certified cruelty-free, and they're committed to supporting the global community through partnering with non-profit organizations like Kiva and Food Bank LA.

Now back to the mask itself, which contains vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum, desert lime, and finger lime extracts. When applied topically, vitamin C has been shown to help with fading signs of sun damage, controlling excess sebum production, and protecting skin from UV damage caused by sun exposure (though it's still not a substitute for sunscreen, of course). When used over time, vitamin C can also help give you firmer and plumper skin because it stimulates collagen production. Turmeric is another hero ingredient in this mask, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that are potentially helpful when it comes to healing current breakouts. Additionally, turmeric provides the mask with even more skin-brightening benefits.

There are several other beneficial ingredients in this mask, too, such as pore-clearing kaolin clay, skin-soothing aloe vera, and moisturizing castor seed, sweet almond, and grape seed oils.


Who Is It Good For?

Because the brand focuses on using superfood ingredients like turmeric and Kakadu plum, anyone who wants a brightening, hydrating boost can benefit from Gleamin’s Vitamin C Clay Mask. But those ingredients are also what make the mask especially helpful with targeting more specific skin concerns like acne and hyperpigmentation.

For the best results, the brand recommends applying the mask on just-cleansed skin two to three times each week (each jar holds 12 to 15 applications if used twice weekly, FYI). You can use the included applicator brush (or your fingers) to apply the bright yellow mask in a thin layer over your entire face, or just on specific areas of concern like your T-zone. No matter how you use it, you'll want to thoroughly rinse the mask off after about 10 minutes and follow up with your normal skin care routine.

How To Save 20%

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More Products From The Brand

The mask is a great introductory product to the brand, but if you're looking for a leave-on formula for longer-term results, you may want to add the Gleamin Supercharged Balance Serum to your cart, too. Whereas the mask's active ingredients are rinsed away after 10 minutes, the serum stays on your skin to give those same ingredients (turmeric, Kakadu plum extract, and aloe vera) more time to work. In addition to fading unwanted hyperpigmentation, promoting an all-over glow, and offering protection from environmental aggressors, the serum also includes nourishing and calming ingredients like niacinamide, glycerin, and resveratrol. There’s also the brand’s Superfood Enriched Daily Moisturizer, which offers similar results; you can use it alongside the serum or on its own.

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