How To Get The New It-Girl Hairstyle Now

by Stephanie Montes

The long bob (or “lob”, for short) has officially taken over our Instagram feed. One by one, our favorite women in Hollywood are chopping their hair and now, more than ever, we’re inspired to try the trend ourselves. See who is wearing the new It-girl style and find out how you can get the look now.


For Long Hair: If the thought of chopping off all of your hair gives you anxiety, try a cut that incorporates long layers that are shorter in the front. This way you get the illusion of shorter hair without losing the length.


For Medium Hair: Something in between is a nice refresher to long hair and doesn't require too much of a risk. A choppy cut looks cool and modern.

Sienna Miller, Photo: Getty Images

For Short Hair: Going this short takes some serious commitment but the payoff is so worth it. A chin-level length frames the face and looks great with a messy texture.