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Fine Neck Lines Are No Match For This 5-Minute Skin Care Routine

Twice a day keeps the wrinkles away.

by Natasha Marsh
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Courtesy of Natasha Marsh
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My approach to skin care can be described by the old adage: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I generally stick to a rather simple routine: gentle cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and protective sunscreen. But the minute I notice something off — be it dark under-eye circles, forehead wrinkles, or rosacea — I do a complete deep dive into probable causes, products to add into my beauty rotation, and how to minimize future damage. So was the case a few weeks ago when I first noticed fine lines on my neck.

As a beauty editor with access to the most expensive and innovative products, I pride myself in maintaining hydrated, smooth, and radiant skin. And, as a Black woman who has been conditioned to believe that “Black don’t crack,” seeing the etched lines suddenly appear on my neck was shocking and confusing. With increased screen time in the recent work-from-home era, I questioned if the newly-formed lines were from technology or simply aging. Regardless of the cause, I wanted them gone.

As it turns out, natural aging and exposure to external elements (sun, pollution, blue light, etc.) are typically the root causes of neck lines. The more activities and behaviors that cause natural folding of the folding of the skin, the more lines and wrinkles will set in over time. Once collagen and elastin are compromised, it’s hard for the skin to bounce back from wrinkling. The good news is that there are numerous products and in-office treatments that will help restore and encourage collagen production and diminish stubborn lines.

Let me be clear in saying aging is inevitable and a privilege. However, there is no harm in developing a routine if you don’t like all the side effects that come along with it. With that in mind, for three weeks I’ve been testing out different products to see what will help diminish the appearance of my neck lines by giving the area the same TLC as I do for my face. My morning routine consisted of my neck roller cream, a more concentrated moisturizer, and a serum. In the evenings, I would cleanse the skin and apply one of the sheet masks below, followed by a moisturizer and a serum (also below).

In a short 24 days, I noticed less depth in my neck lines and overall brightness to the skin. The more consistent I am, the better the results. Ahead, my five-minute routine for smoother neck skin.

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