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This New Eye Balm Reduced My Dark Circles In Less Than A Month

Cheers to brighter days.

by Natasha Marsh
Courtesy of Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh tests Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, our beauty writer is testing the new Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm.

Blame it on genetics, lack of sleep, excess sun exposure, constant travel, and everything in between, but my dark undereye circles have never been as prominent as they have this summer. Regardless of my approach (full coverage concealer, color correctors, cold spoons, or eye masks) dark circles are difficult to camouflage. Which is why I’m always game to try out new products and formulas that claim to improve the elasticity around this delicate part of the skin and the appearance of dark undereye circles. I’m even more inclined to test brands like Drunk Elephant that have an industry cult-following and thousands of positive reviews on their innovative skin care products.

Fortunately, the brand’s Ceramighty AF Eye Balm, which launched on August 1st, has aided in my mission to decrease the appearance of my dark circles. Created to replenish the skin with moisture and soothe signs of fatigue, the product claims to refresh skin with long-lasting hydration and produce a refreshed and well-rested appearance. Since my summer skin leans towards the dryer side, with constant eye-rubbing due to allergies, there was no better time for me to test the balm that promised to improve the appearance of tired and dark undereye skin. Keep reading to learn more about my experience with this cutting-edge eye balm.

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Fast Facts:

  • Price: $60
  • Best For: Immediate hydration and non-fatigued appearance.
  • Your Rating: 4.2/5
  • Clean/Cruelty Free: Yes
  • What we like: Twist up packaging and dewy consistency.
  • What we don’t like: Excess product remaining after application.

About My Skin

Apart from the summer months, I have normal skin that tends to stay pretty hydrated and only needs an added dewiness when I travel. However, this summer I have spent countless hours at the beach, on airplanes, and in climates that my skin is not used to — creating inflammation and puffiness, occasional rosacea on my cheeks, and darker undereye circles (an issue I already struggle with). Many times when I notice this happening, I invest in hydrating eye masks but my schedule doesn’t always allow for the 15-30 minutes these products require. Which is why I was so excited to try Ceramighty to get long-lasting brightening benefits in a less than 10-second application.

The Science Behind Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

The deeply replenishing eye balm is formulated with strengthening ceramides and and omega-rich plant oils that deliver long-lasting moisture and restore elasticity. “Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm is a moisturizer for the eyelids,” Karan Lal DO MS FAAD, board certified dermatologist tells TZR. “Moisturizing the eyelids helps hydrate the skin, reducing crepiness [in the skin due to aging].”

Tiffany Masterson, Drunk Elephant founder, adds that, “The role of ceramides in skin care products is to help fill in the spaces between skin cells, giving them elasticity.” They also help strengthen the skin barrier by maintaining the moisture balance of skin while also preventing water loss.

Essentially, when skin is chronically dry — whether resulting from genetics, environment, or summer humidity — it has a shortage of the substances responsible for maintaining a healthy barrier, of which ceramides, fatty acids, and lipids are all major components. “Ceramighty uses ceramides at 3 percent concentration [most traditional formulas use 0.3% to 1.0%], making this an incredibly effective formula at repairing delicate, dry and irritated skin around the eye area,” Masterson continues.

The AF nod is not what social media uses it for but instead stands for the additional two standout ingredients in the formula: avena sativa and vitamin F. Avena sativa (latin for oat) is blended into Ceramighty with oat kernel oil and oat kernel extract to help soothe fine lines and reduce redness around the eye area. Linolenic and Linoleic vitamin F fatty acids improve skin texture and suppleness, while strengthening the acid-mantle (a thin bacteria-barrier on the skin surface).

How I Used The Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

As recommended by the brand, I used the eye balm twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. With each use — as the last step of my skin care routine — I would gently pat a pump under my eyes starting at the orbital bone (bone that surrounds and protects the eye) working a C-shape around my eye and ending on my eyelids.

Natasha Marsh

My Results With The Ceramighty AF Eye Balm

Since using it for nearly a month now, the balm has quickly made its way into my daily skin care routine. I’ve noticed an overall brightness around my eye area as a whole and my forehead which I credit not only to the vitamin F, but the adenosine presence that is notoriously known to energize skin and help maintain skin proteins. Even with my travel schedule, it seems Ceramighty turns out more and more results the longer I use it. Plus, it works on all skin types, especially sensitive skin — something I tend to experience on long travel months.

Natasha Marsh

Is The Ceramighty AF Eye Balm Worth It?

Short answer: yes. Like all well-formulated skin care products, there are of course immediate results (for Ceramighty it’s the brighter undereye complexion) but the long-lasting effects — restored moisture and elasticity, and a more refreshed and well-rested appearance — are worthy of the $60 investment.

The only real negative feedback I have to share is the excess product that remains after you pump the product onto your finger. Not exclusive to the brand, as this is something I see with all eye creams and balms I have tried, there isn’t always a way to get a small drop of product — making it a lesson in trial and error to pump out just the right amount of the formula to not waste it. When I do get too much eye balm on my fingers, I lightly pat the rest on my face, focusing on my forehead.

Sure, I like to experiment with TikTok’s undereye blush trend or the latest color corrector, but finding a holy grail product that will produce long-lasting results without manipulation or makeup is what draws me to the Ceramighty AF Eye Balm each and every day.

Product Specifications:

  • Product name: Drunk Elephant Ceramighty AF Eye Balm
  • Ingredient Highlights: Ceramides, vitamin F, andomega-rich plant oils
  • Size: 15mL/0.5 oz.
  • Suitable: All skin types, including sensitive

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