Autumn Agenda

by The Zoe Report

For fashion devotees, the art of multitasking never comes more in handy than at the turn of a season. This is because in addition to being swept up in new wardrobe wants, one can’t ignore the desire to delve into the latest beauty trends too. You know where we’re going with this, right? Then, put on your juggling hat and let’s discuss 10 fresh ways to get gorgeous!

Taking our cues from the runways—where else?—we devised a plan to implement this season’s most noteworthy looks into our own regimes, and we invite you to follow suit! Laid out for you here today is a deeply pigmented lip color to get fall’s coveted dark pout (see: Gucci), a blending pencil to achieve model-like statement brows (à laVera Wang) and a bright blush made for keeping your cheeks flushed throughout the colder months. But that’s just the beginning! Click through now for the full fall beauty scoop, then when you go to make room in your closets for the new season, be sure to clear some space on your vanities too!

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