5 Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

by Stephanie Montes

You might be getting an A for effort, but when it comes to your eyeliner, are you really getting right? From the order of your makeup routine to the color you’re using, applying eyeliner correctly is the key to making your eyes sparkle–and with our help, they can. Follow our tips so you don’t fall victim to these 5 common makeup mishaps.

Don't Be A Victim

Photo: Courtesy of Tess Giberson

Don't: Line The Entire Eye

Avoid lining the lower waterline with a thick, dark liner. This makes eyes look small and easily smudges, leaving behind unsightly raccoon eyes. If you love the look of a dark, sultry eye, try it for a night on the town.

Photo: Courtesy of OPI

Don't: Use A Hard Pencil

A dry, hard pencil tugs at the eye, creating uneven, chalky lines. Instead, choose a creamy eye pencil that glides across the skin for a crisp, long-lasting finish.

Photo: Courtesy of Cushnie et Ochs

Don't: Use Red Undertones When You're Tired

After a long night out, avoid using liners with red undertones like brown or purple on tired, puffy eyes. Instead, opt for black, dark gray or nude shades with blue tones to make the whites of your eyes pop.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Don't: Curl Eyelashes After Applying Eyeliner

Always curl your lashes before applying eyeliner to avoid smudging it or wiping it off.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS

Don't: Pull On Your Eye

Pulling on your lid when applying eyeliner changes the shape of your eye and makes it impossible to create a symmetrical cat eye. More importantly, it causes premature wrinkling around the eyes. A liquid eyeliner gives you a smooth flick without the tugging.

Photo: Courtesy of NARS