(Face Time)

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Her Best Beauty Advice From Her Group Text

The multi-hyphenate breaks down her entire routine.

TZR; Getty Images/Taylor Hill; Photos Courtesy of Bioderma, Kylie Cosmetics, and Viktor&Rolf

Face Time
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In TZR’s Face Time, celebrities and tastemakers share the nitty-gritty details of their beauty and wellness routines — from holy-grail products to non-negotiable treatments.

According to Emily Ratajkowski, the best beauty advice goes down in her group chat. It’s to be expected when the iMessage thread is filled with a flurry of messages from fashion heavy-hitters like model Paloma Elsesser. “I have my girlies who know. I've never done laser, and I've been thinking about trying it,” she tells TZR. “Paloma Elsesser is the best at knowing all of the beauty trends, lasers, and skin care tips. So I bother her all the time. I’ll blow up the group chat [with my questions].”

EmRata says girlfriends are the best for beauty advice, but she also has intel on the best products, too. It comes with the territory of being the face of top beauty brands, including Viktor&Rolf Fragrances. Her newest campaign comes just in time for anyone looking to escape the frigid, gloomy mid-winter weather. Flowerbomb Tiger Lily is a beachy scent that instantly transports you (and your group text) to a tropical locale.

Ahead, EmRata shares the Holy-Grail products in her skin care, makeup, and hair care routines, plus her go-to scents.

On Her Nighttime Skin Care Routine


“I take off my makeup with Bioderma. It never stings and I like that it feels like I’m putting nothing on my face yet it takes off all my makeup. Then I wash my face with Dr. Loretta’s Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, which is very nice and feels clean. About once a week, I do a Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pad. Then I'll do retinol and I'll usually do snail mucin. The moisturizer I use depends on what other product I’m using. I'll use Weleda Skin Food if it's winter and my skin's feeling dry.”

On Her Morning Skin Care Routine

“I was somebody who would fall asleep in my makeup and I naturally didn't have problematic skin. But I eventually realized, ‘OK, I'm spending money on Botox. I might as well have a really good skin care regimen so that I'm prepared for getting older.’ And I really enjoy it now. I’ve seen the benefits and the results from taking skin care really seriously. I've been using retinol for a long time, but I started using vitamin C, and that's a huge part of my morning routine. So I don't really wash my face in the morning, but I start by putting on a vitamin C serum from Dr. Dennis Gross. Then I use a snail mucin, I put on a vitamin C moisturizer, I put sunscreen on, and then I do my makeup.”

On Her Makeup Must-Haves


“I’m somebody who really likes concealer. I don't do foundation, but I put concealer kind of all over my face. I've been using Hourglass' Vanish Airbrush Concealer and I really like it. It goes on kind of wet, but then it has a matte finish, which is nice. And it's not too heavy, but it does give you coverage. Then I use a bronzer. I use the contour and highlight sticks from Charlotte Tilbury, which I basically just use as a bronzer across my face. I’m obsessed with blush and I love Pat McGrath's stick. For eyes, I use a Charlotte Tilbury Palette and keep it super, super simple. I use a grayish brown shade and window-wash a little bit [on my lids] and underneath [my eyes]. I love Kylie Cosmetics Kylash Volume Mascara.

I have a waterproof freckle pen I got on TikTok that I love. I've been doing freckles for a long time to the point that people think I actually have freckles, but I don't. I put a bunch on my finger, press it in, and then dab the pen over it. On my lips I use the Make Up For Ever Pencil, in Cocoa. Then I add a Rhode tinted lip balm or a Pat McGrath gloss.”

On How She Wears Fragrance

“The only two fragrances I have are Flowerbomb and Tiger Lily. I'm not somebody who's super crazy about collecting fragrances. I don't wear perfume every day. It's more of a special occasion or an evening thing for me.

In general, I like a sun-kissed, kind of summery beauty look. I do it with fake freckles, blush, etc. Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb Tiger Lily is particularly in line with my general vibe. I think it really embodies that feeling of spending a day on the beach with your friends, getting tan, having a little saltwater in your hair, and then slipping on a dress and going to dinner. It smells tropical and it has that summery feeling.”

On Her Hair Routine


“I'm not good with hair. So everyone told me not to get bangs for that reason. But having them works because I don’t have to really do my hair and it still looks like I have a real hairdo.

I have really fine hair, but I have a lot of it. It used to break so easily. If I'm working, I get a lot of heat put on my hair, and I wouldn’t be able to grow it past a certain point. Now, it grows so fast and it’s all thanks to Kérastase, and I swear I’m not just saying that because I’m the face of the brand — the products truly work. I use the Extentioniste shampoo and conditioner. They just make your hair really healthy and thick. And then I use a little bit of the Elixir Ultime Hydrating Hair Oil on the ends of my hair. I will blow-dry my hair, and I did cave and get a Dyson Airwrap. But I have not been able to figure it out yet.”

On Her Wellness Routine

“I don’t really have one, but I'm trying to get better at drinking water. I'm really bad at it. This morning I wanted a cup of coffee because I had to. So yeah, I wish I could say that I do, but I don't.”