Spiked Buns Are A Chic '90s Throwback — Perfect For A Holiday Updo

7 party-worthy looks in 15 minutes or less.

by Natasha Marsh
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Save yourself the headache (and panic) of deciding on a holiday hairstyle this season and opt for an updo for a quick and elegant look. From sophisticated ponytails, topknots, and braids, these seven holiday updos ideas are all red carpet-worthy, but easy enough to recreate on your own. @jenatkinhair
High Ponytail

Whether you have straight or curly hair, a sleek ponytail is the easiest way to pull together a look that will never go out of style. For a more sophisticated look, swirl your edges into a design with a non-flaky edge control gel.

Twisted Bun

When you have 10 minutes or less to get out the door, opt for minimalism by twisting your hair at the top of your head and adding a Y2K hair clip to achieve the twisted bun. The look pairs well with dress, trousers, and everything in between. For added fun, pair the bun with a hair accessory.

Textured Pony

All hair types will appreciate a high-volume textured ponytail. To combat flyaways: take a small-bristled brush and comb frizz and baby hairs with some styling gel. Top with hairspray for long-lasting hold.

Crown Braid

This look is great for those who don’t like spending a ton of time on their hair. The only requirements: basic braiding skills, bobby pins, and hair gel to keep everything in place. Start by creating a center part and braid in thick, loose pigtails. Wrap each section over your head with bobby pins.

Spiky Bun

An ode to the Spice Girls, opt for exposed ends this holiday with a spiky bun. However, this year’s iteration is sleeker, tighter and slightly lower (sitting at the crown as opposed to the top of the head) than the ‘90s favorite. The look is a little messy, gaining you the perfectly undone title.

Bubble Braid

Get ready to sleigh the holiday party circuit with this fun twist on the traditional high pony. Prep hair with a lightweight styling serum to avoid frizz and then slick it back into a classic ponytail. Next, wrap pony with elastics a few inches apart and tease to your liking.

Top Knot

If your holiday schedule is packed with parties and family obligations galore, you’ll need something that’s easy and works for multiple occasions. To get the perfect top knot, work in a texturizing hairspray to give the knot some volume.


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