Dyson’s New High-Tech Hair Dryer Puts Scalp Care First

Meet the Supersonic Nural.

dyson supersonic nural blow dryer
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Dyson transformed the humble yet hardworking hair dryer into a status symbol when it launched the Supersonic in 2016. Suddenly, everyone — from A-listers to celebrity hairstylists to your favorite coworker — got one and bragged about it on Instagram. And if you didn’t, you were on the waitlist for the next restock. It even became the dryer stocked in boutique gym locker rooms, touted as an amenity to draw you into becoming a member. Now, Dyson is upping the ante with the Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer, a technologically advanced version of the beloved original.

Aesthetically, the Nural is just as sleek, stylish, fast, and quiet but with a few extra (helpful) bells and whistles. The biggest upgrade is the scalp protect mode which automatically adapts the heat and airflow levels based on how close you’re holding the dryer to your head via built-in Nural sensors. In turn, the feature helps boost shine, moisture, and minimizes scalp and heat damage. You’re now also able to lock your heat and airflow settings and the dryer will remember your preset choices for different attachments. Another helpful update? When you set the tool down in your bathroom, the airflow automatically reduces so the beauty products on your counter won’t go flying.

Speaking of attachments, the Wave+Curl diffuser is also new-and-improved. It’s now a two-piece device that can be used to define waves, curls, and coils or as a diffusing bowl with downwards airflow to enhance wave and curl patterns sans frizz. The other attachments you know and love come with the Supersonic Nural but many have tiny design tweaks. These include the Gentle Air Attachment, Styling Concentrator, Wide-Tooth Comb, and Flyaway Attachment. It’s important to note only the Gentle Air Attachment and Styling Concentrator are equipped with the Scalp Protect Mode.

So if you’re been meaning to upgrade your current blow dryer that’s been hanging on for dear life or you’re into minimizing the risks of heat and scalp damage without having to add extra steps (or thought) to your hair care routine, the Nural could be your solution.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer comes five attachments and will be available for $500 beginning May 2. You can sign up here for updates on the launch.