The Ultimate Travel-Friendly Skin Care Line Is Here, Just In Time For Summer

The perfect jet-setting companion.

DPTMNT model toner use

Trying to decide exactly which products make the carry-on cut is one of the most frustrating parts of air travel. Do you spend a small fortune on travel-sized versions of your favorites? Try futilely to decant them only for globs of your favorite conditioner to spill out? Do you check a bag? DPTMNT’s brand founder gets it — she spent years flying around the world, often under short notice. Searching for an alternative to the always-frustrating process, she and her co-founders developed a truly brilliant concept. The DPTMNT Skin Care launch kicks off with a complete routine’s worth of science-backed products. But what makes DPTMNT so unique (and pretty damn genius) is how they’re packaged — and applied. DPTMNT’s products — including a cleanser, serums, moisturizer, and more — come in little two connected single-use, recyclable sachets made for on-the-go-ease.

The packets contain little wipes, soaked in the formulas, that fit right over your fingers. They’re made to be swiped on anywhere, anytime, putting an end to the product-packing headache (and TSA regulation dilemmas) once and for all. Available for purchase in packs of five, they can last unopened for two years which makes them ideal to stock and store, perfect for those last-minute trips.


If you’re used to working with a skeleton crew of skin care products on vacation, prepare to have your world rocked. Thanks to the itty-bitty nature of the packets, you don’t have to skip steps like toner or vitamin C serums just to save some suitcase space. This initial drop includes the Exfoliating Cleanser, Toner, Vitamin C Serum, Anti-Pollution Serum, and a Moisturizer, all formulated with science-approved, skin-favorite ingredients that won’t leave you high and dry on vacations or work trips.

The Exfoliating Cleanser is made with gentle yet robust chemical exfoliants made from fruit sugars — think AHA classics like lemon and orange — and honey, a natural antibacterial great for breakouts. Together, they clear the face of debris and buildup to smooth out texture and illuminate travel-weary skin. The Toner is an ideal follow-up, formulated with clarifying apple cider vinegar along with water-retaining niacinamide and arnica extract, itself an excellent anti-inflammatory.


The serums are among the lineup’s most interesting additions. The Vitamin C serum is loaded with brightening classics like vitamin C (of course), vitamin E, and ferulic acid. But despite vitamin C’s notorious instability, especially when exposed to light, DPTMNT’s specially-designed dark-paneled packaging keeps it under control. Meanwhile, the Anti-Pollution Serum uses amino acids and antioxidant-rich blueberry extract to guard against environmental stressors like pollution and blue light (which itself can kick off free-radical damage). Finally, the Moisturizer is light on the skin but refreshing and nourishing with cica, buckwheat honey, and sea buckthorn oil.

Each product can be purchased on its own or as part of a complete routine collection. When you’re finished with the packets, just request a free envelope from Terracycle and they’ll take care of the recycling. Arriving just in time for summer travel, it’s safe to call this one an on-the-go game-changer.

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