Tint Your Brows At Home For Under $10

If you’re into bold brows, take note—we’ve discovered an easy (and cheap) way to keep your arches in tip-top shape with an unexpected drugstore buy. Ready for the reveal? None other than Just For Men Brush-In Color. Formulated for facial hair, this trusty kit is offered in an array of shades and works wonders for routine maintenance or touching up in between salon visits. Simply mix equal parts color and developer, apply carefully to brows (the kit provides a brush, but we prefer to use our own spoolie wand for precision placement) and wash off after five minutes. To prevent any wayward dye from staining skin, we recommend applying Vaseline to the perimeter of the hairs with a cotton swab. There’s enough formula for multiple jobs, so keep the excess product around for future use, being mindful of the expiration date. Did we mention the kit is under $10? We’ve always been fans of borrowing from the boys.

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