Nail Polish Guru Dineh Mohajer Shares Her Beauty Rules

Chemistry major turned nail polish maven, Dineh Mohajer has learned a thing or two about beauty as founder of ’90s cult favorite makeup line, Hard Candy, and just-launched, uber-glam nail polish label Smith & Cult. For today’s installment of Beauty Rules Dineh shares her manicure secrets and high/low beauty regimen (think minimal makeup and DIY skincare concoctions) here.

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Rule #1: Create Your Own Skincare Formula

"I always get the best results when I use a cocktail of skincare products. In the morning I use La Prairie Essential Exfoliator, Kate Somerville Clarifying Cleanser, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (4 drops), SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum, Dermal Repair Cream and their Illuminating Eye Cream. Then I apply VI Derm Bleaching Cream Rx (4% hydroquinone) and La Roche Posay Anthelios tinted crème with SPF. At night I add a teeny amount of .1 % Retin-A to the mix. These miracle potions help keep my skin in check and glowy."

Rule #2: Stay Open Minded to Trends

"Even if I would never do it myself, I still appreciate all the different nail art trends. It’s all about expressing yourself with reckless abandon and doing whatever makes you feel beautiful."

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Rule #3: Find Your Go-To Products

"My face can’t live (and preferably shouldn’t be seen) without assistance from Serge Lutens Beaute Lip Pencil (so universally flattering that it’s the only shade he offers), By Terry Tea to Tan Water Color Bronzer, Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Mambo, our lip lacquer launching this year (can’t wait), and Cle de Peau Concealer."

Rule #4: Discover Your Beauty Icon

"Joni Mitchell. She’s an ethereal beauty and has so much talent, intelligence and authenticity. Also, I recently shared an elevator with her and she’s lovely."

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Rule #5: Stash Travel-Size Products

"For a night out, I always carry Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray (yeah, I’m that guy). It smells like a tropical vacation so it doubles as fragrance. Also, a lip lacquer (imperative), purse-size Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Altoids."

Rule #6: Save on Beauty Basics

"I tend to splurge the most on skincare products, but am also partial to Cetaphil. My dermatologist recommends it and I’ve used it forever and it’s great for my sensitive skin. I don’t ever splurge on nail polish by default – yay."

Rule #7: Build Your Beauty Business On Passion

"A genuine passion for beauty products is definitely a prerequisite to a successful career in the beauty industry. That passion will keep you engaged, motivated and successful."

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Rule #8: Always Dress The Part

"Birdie Num Num, an opaque bright turquoise blue, is a perfect choice for an outdoor music festival; summery, vibrant, youthful and best of all, named after Peter Seller’s character in the 1968 film, The Party. Dirty Baby, an obsidian shade infused with silver micro-glitter, is a smoldering choice for a party or formal event. For a job interview, Doe My Dear, an opaque dove grey taupe shade, is both elegant and professional yet still interesting."

Rule #9: Make Sure to Stock the Basics

"I think every woman should own a true red, a nude, a sparkly glitter, a pale pink, and a grey nail polish (the new neutral)."

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Rule #10: Find Your Perfect Shape

"In the same way you might dress for your body type, I think it's smart to choose your nail shape and length by your nail bed type. That being said, I still love the slightly pointy, mid-length nail a lot. It’s a super sexy throwback that’s here to stay."

Photo: @smithandcult