Sexy Beauty Looks For Date Night

Love it or hate it, V-Day is on the horizon and consequently has us focused on finding a beauty look that’ll make our crushes and significant others swoon. To that effect, we enlisted three VIP artists from the new The Glam App (have you downloaded it yet?) to give Team Zoe staffers sexy hair, makeup and nail looks for date night. Launched by our resident beauty guru Joey Maalouf and his partner Cara Santana, The Glam App (available now in Los Angeles and soon nationwide) is an on-demand service that delivers beauty experts to your front door in a matter of minutes. Genius, no? Recreate the results of our date-night prep session for yourself with our step-by-step guide.

Sexy Beauty Looks For Date Night

The Hair: Waterfall Waves With A Braid

Created by Star Sandoval, VIP Hair Stylist for The Glam App

Hair: Step One

Prep hair by parting down the middle and adding in smooth, light waves with a curling iron. Make sure to alternate the sectioning in the curl pattern—meaning rotate the wand to the right side with one lock of hair, then to the left for the next, and so on. This ensures waves look natural and effortless.

Hair: Step Two

Add volume to the crown by teasing and spraying dry shampoo into the roots to create lift.

Hair: Step Three

To begin the braid crown, start from the front of one side of your middle part, braiding diagonally backward so your hair naturally follows the direction of where it will eventually be placed. Secure the end with a small elastic, and do the same to the other side of your part.

Hair: Step Four

Arrange the finished braids with one on top of the other, and place one pin horizontally in the center of the two to secure their place on the head. Follow with crisscrossed pins in the center for extra support. Next, tuck the loose ends of hair underneath either side of the braid, and use pins where necessary to lock in.

Hair: The Finished Look

Sexy, cascading waves paired with a pretty braid crown? Your 'do is officially date-night ready.

The Makeup: Soft & Smokey

Created by Brittany Spyksma, VIP Makeup Artist for The Glam App

Makeup: Step One

Start by prepping skin with your favorite foundation or a tinted moisturizer to create a dewy canvas for your romantic makeup. Once applied, add a soft, rosy pink blush to the apples of the cheeks. Think a light flush—nothing too heavy—as the key to this look is a candlelit, glowing effect.

Makeup: Step Two

Sweep a warm, shimmery brown eye shadow across the lid with a fluffy brush. With a smaller, angled brush, apply the same shadow to the lower lash line for added drama. The effect will be a sultry, smokey eye without adding too much darkness.

Makeup: Step Three

Control the shape of your winged eyeliner by using a brown cream formula with an angled brush. If you desire a smudgier look, swap for a pencil liner instead. Apply mascara to the roots of your lashes and wiggle upward, concentrating on the outer corner for extra fullness. If you want to bump up the look, apply a bit of formula to the outer half of your lower lashes (going all the way in closes your eyes).

Makeup: Step Four

Complement your smokey eye with a nude lip. For date night (and any consequential smooching that may occur), avoid sticky gloss and instead use a peachy stain for optimal staying power.

Makeup: The Final Look

Smoke-show alert! Rock this makeup and prepare for heads to turn—don't say we didn't warn you.

Nails: New Romantic

Created by Debbie Leavit, VIP Nail Artist for The Glam App

Nails: Step One

Apply one coat of a bright red base color (we used Formula X in Flashy) for the triangle “moon” shape of your manicure.

Nails: Step Two

Once your base coat is dry, apply a pearly plum color to either side of the nail, leaving a triangle shape of the red lacquer exposed. Start from the middle of the base of the nail and extend the purple polish at a diagonal, carefully filling in the remaining space on both sides of the nail with your brush.

Nails: The Final Look

Lock in the color while protecting your manicure with a swipe of topcoat on each nail, and voilà—the perfect date-night mani is all yours!