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The 16 Best New Hair Products Of 2022

Every day is about to be a good hair day.

by TZR Beauty Team
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These days, a solid hair care routine consists of so much more than just shampoo, conditioner, and the occasional styling gel or spray. As we know, healthy hair requires consistent upkeep and maintenance — just like your skin care. Luckily, the options for a well-rounded regimen are aplenty in 2022. In fact, the best hair products of 2022 promise you the healthiest, shiniest locks ever, no matter the texture, type, or length.

Whether you’re looking to splurge on a curl-styling product and save on a mask, or shell out for a leave-in conditioner but prefer a budget-friendly shampoo, we’ve tested hundreds of hair launches to pinpoint the best ones for your budget — high, low, and in-between. Cheers to all the good hair days.

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Best Shampoo

Best Shampoo Over $20

Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris Soothing Rebalancing Shampoo With Sage Extract

The name of this shampoo reads like the description of a wellness getaway. And maybe that was intentional — because, well, that’s basically what it is for your hair. Using ingredients like sage extract, cotton proteins, and pro-vitamin B5, it’s meant to cleanse, rebalance, and soothe hair, while also adding visible softness and glossiness. BDG Executive Vice President of Communications Kimberly Bernhardt’s review further confirms its calming, restorative nature. “I loved this shampoo,” she tells TZR. “[It was] very gentle on my hair, cleaned my scalp thoroughly, and helped reduce frizz.”

Best Shampoo Under $20

Matrix A Curl Can Dream Shampoo

Alexa, play “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates, because this shampoo is granting wishes. Infused with Manuka honey extract, this Matrix shampoo is formulated as a cleansing option for waves, curls and coils that promises to preserve your pattern. And in those respects, TZR Beauty Editor Amanda Ross says it succeeded. “I loved this on my wavy hair and had my brother, who has tight spiral curls, try it out, too. He was equally a fan!” she shares. The key to winning them over? “How well it eliminates frizz but isn’t so heavy that it ruins natural wave and curl patterns,” she explains. “Big fan!”

Best Conditioner

Best Conditioner Over $20

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Conditioner

It’s a pretty bold move to dub your conditioner “Perfect Hair Day,” but Living Proof clearly had confidence it would live up to its name. The brand wasn’t wrong, according to Kaitlin Cubria, deputy lifestyle, fashion, and beauty editor at Elite Daily. “As someone with thick hair and low water pressure in her apartment, I really have to hand it to this conditioner,” she says. Powered by ester and “hemisqualane,” the formula managed to detangle, moisturize, and wash out of her hair with minimal effort. “After stepping out of the shower, my hair was easier to brush, noticeably softer, and had less breakage.” If that’s not a perfect hair day, what is?

Best Conditioner Under $20

Aveeno Plant Protein Blend Strength & Length Conditioner

TZR contributor Diana Tsui has never been big on drugstore hair care for fear it would react badly with her dyed hair... until now, that is. “This conditioner was a surprise hit,” she tells TZR of her trial with the vegan product. “The light scent was pleasant and soothing, while the product itself made my hair soft.” That’s not exactly surprising, considering its formula, starring colloidal oatmeal extract, is meant particularly to treat damaged, color-treated, and dry strands. Even less surprising? That Tsui plans to keep it around. “If I’m rinsing my hair out after a workout and I need something to protect my ends, this is the conditioner I’ll reach for since it’s inexpensive enough for repeated use.”

Best Leave-In Conditioner

Best Leave-In Conditioner Over $20

Oribe Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum

Yes, this treatment serum from Oribe cites a blend of chia seed, bio-fermented bamboo leaf, and plant-based protein as the powers behind its formula. But if we had to guess, we’d also say there’s some actual magic sprinkled in — especially given TZR contributor Megan McIntyre’s otherworldly experience. She calls the product “completely weightless” and says it absorbs instantly and doesn’t feel sticky to the touch. Plus, while her hair is usually “fried at the ends,” this adds softness, smoothness, and shine. “No more straw ends, and poof — I have touchability without losing the texture and wave pattern in my hair that I like,” she says. “Absolutely obsessed.”

Best Leave-In Conditioner Under $20

Pipette Leave-In Detangler

The phrase “blood, sweat, and tears” often gets a bit too literal when it comes to wrangling tangles out of hair. Pipette’s kid-friendly Leave-In Detangler seeks to change that with a formula of vitamin B5, plant-derived squalane, and quinoa, meant to not only detangle but hydrate and nourish the scalp and hair. For BDG Vice President of Editorial Growth Kylie McConville, it made good on that goal. Although she had never used a leave-in detangler previously, she calls her experience with this one “very fun,” and says it fully served its purpose. “I even shared it with my niece who has extremely curly hair. No tears, no tangles, no pulling out all your hair,” she reviews. “This was awesome!”

Best Hair Mask

Best Hair Mask Over $20

Ouidad Get Hydrated Ultra-Moisturizing Splash Mask

Don’t be surprised if you hear your hair sing after applying this defining and moisturizing formula. TZR contributor Caitlin Kiernan actually calls the spray-in mask a “dream,” recalling that “a few spritzes instantly tamed any frizz, reformed my coils, and made my strands look and feel silky.” Considering its ingredient list, though, she’s not exactly surprised. “Not only does it contain camellia seed and Abyssinsian oils that help improve definition and manageability, but it also features hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the hair from the inside out,” she explains. “Do yourself a favor and get this. STAT!”

Best Hair Mask Under $20

Alaffia Beautiful Curls Chebe Powder Deep Conditioning Mask

Your single-purpose hair products have officially met their match with this strengthening and curl-protecting deep-conditioning treatment. TZR Associate Beauty News Editor Annie Blay tells TZR that she’s not usually impressed by hair masks, but this one actually provided multiple benefits — all the while, simplifying her routine. “During wash day, I use a detangling conditioner before a mask, but I found I didn’t even have to do that with this [product],” she explains. “It has enough slip to detangle and also moisture-rich ingredients like shea butter and chebe powder to work overtime as a moisturizing mask.”

Best Hair Oil

Best Hair Oil Over $20

Shaeri Multi-Use Care Oil

Shaeri Multi-Use Care Oil, how do we use thee in our beauty routine? Let us count the ways. But seriously, there are endless options for employing this fragrant moisturizing blend. It can treat dry ends, hydrate your body post-shower, or even soften the skin on your face. And in BDG Executive Beauty Director Faith Xue’s case, it’s a lifesaver for her “parched, over-processed hair,” but also works just as well for fine hair — the five vegetal oils sink in quickly without weighing hair down, leaving strands feeling soft and silky. True to its name, the product even found another use in her routine: Xue says you can also “use it as a deep conditioning treatment,” giving you just one more reason to invest in it.

Best Hair Oil Under $20

Jason Organic Smoothing Unrefined Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is no longer widely considered the fix-all it used to be. (At one point, it was, sometimes jokingly, purported to solve everything from bad breath to breakups.) But while it’s fallen out of the spotlight some ways, it’s undeniable that the ingredient is still very much a useful one — especially when it comes to hair. That’s precisely why Angela Melero, TZR’s executive editor, applies this product to her own. “Since I typically wash my hair once a week, before shower time, I’ll slather this stuff on my hair and roots and allow it to sit for 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes longer!),” she explains. After, she follows that with her normal routine of shampoo and conditioner — and the benefits are clear. “It really helps keep my scalp and hair hydrated, shiny, and super strong.”

Best Color Treatment

Best Color Treatment Over $20

IGK Color Depositing Hair Mask

A word of advice: A dramatic hair change in the midst of a life crisis is never the answer. However, this product just might be. The color-depositing mask comes in 18 semi-permanent shades, allowing you to try a less-committed switch-up if needed. And you do have the option to go a little wild: “I can totally see someone using the blues, pinks, and purples for a low-stakes, temporary foray into funky hair colors,” says Bustle commerce beauty writer Isabella Sarlija. However, you can also just use it to make your hair look better — a good option no matter your life status. “I have virgin hair, so I used a brown shade that’s similar to my natural color for a ‘glossed’ look to brighten it,” she continues, saying the mask also defines her “waves-curls and adds a shine and bounce that makes it look like I just left the salon.”

Best Color Treatment Under $20

Maria Nila Silver Shot

Calling all blondes! This super affordable formula is crucial for keeping your hair color vibrant and intact in-between appointments. It’s also super easy to use, controllable (you can leave it on three to 10 minutes, depending on how warm or cool you want your tone), and vegan. And as an added bonus, the Silver Shot features a yummy fruity-flower scent with notes of jasmine and vanilla. “As a platinum blonde, I’m constantly fighting to keep brassiness and yellow-tones at bay, and this easy-to-use treatment made it so easy,” says BDG Executive Beauty Director Faith Xue. “Plus, I love how the portable packaging is TSA-friendly so I can keep my hair bright when I’m traveling!”

Best Scalp Treatment

Best Scalp Treatment Over $20

Ceremonia Papaya Scalp Scrub Shampoo

Ceremonia may be relatively new to the beauty scene, but it’s certainly no stranger to blessing the world with better hair products. Take this scrub, for example: Though TZR contributor Taylor Stephan says she’s tested “a ton” of scalp treatments, she cites Ceremonia’s exfoliating formula as the best she’s ever tried. And yes, she lists plenty of evidence to back up such a bold claim. “It smells delicious, like a salty fresh papaya,” she shares. “It has a creamy whipped texture with thick grains of Himalayan salt throughout. Once you apply, it works into a soapy lather that feels so detoxifying. It’s so cleansing that I often don’t need a second shampoo.” A better hair product, indeed.

Best Scalp Treatment Under $20

The INKEY List Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Think of this treatment as a full reset — a rinse that removes buildup and brings your scalp back to its neutral state. The salicylic acid-infused treatment gently exfoliates the scalp to get rid of flakiness, while also helping balance your scalp’s oil production (no more greasy roots!). “My scalp gets super itchy because I’m bleaching my roots every few weeks, but this treatment was easy to use and felt super soothing,” says Faith Xue, BDG executive beauty director. “I like how small and portable the packaging is too — the perfect size to toss in my carry-on to keep my scalp balanced when I travel.”

Best Curl Styling Product

Best Curl Styling Product Over $20

JVN Complete Air Dry Cream

One of the bestselling products in Jonathan Van Ness’ eponymous line, this moringa seed-powered air-dry cream is a wash-and-go dream. Free of silicone and other heavy ingredients that can weigh things down, the lightweight formula envelopes hair in a blanket of moisture while helping shape and maintain curls and waves. Amanda Ross, TZR beauty editor, says she likes the cream so much, she’s already bought a travel-size tube. “The frizz-fighting hydration means I can leave the house with damp hair and total confidence,” she says, adding that she loves the fresh, invigorating grapefruit scent, too.

Best Curl Styling Product Under $20

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Touch-Up Gel Cream

This gel cream, your curls, and the handshake emoji are definitely the makings of the next viral meme. The formula, made for all curl types and fine-to-medium hair textures, isn’t just a styler. Rather, it uses a mix of hyaluronic acid and “Anti-Frizz Nano Technology” to both moisturize like a cream and hold like a gel — without weighing anything down. According to BDG Corporate Communications Manager Natasha Kersey, that lightweight combination is what makes this Ouidad pick so good, particularly for the summer months. “I typically like heavier gels for my hair, but this one is fabulous,” she says. No doubt that’s a big part of why she’s a self-proclaimed “huge fan” of the brand.

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