How To Cover A Sunburn With Makeup

by Stephanie Montes

If you spent as much time in the sun this weekend as we did, chances are your skin has seen better days. We loved the sun-kissed glow we sported all weekend but now our face just looks red, shiny and is on the verge of peeling. Here, get our makeup tips for covering your sunburn without looking like a hot mess.

Feel The Burn?

Photo: @lilyaldridge

Mattifying Primer

After spending a day in the sun, skin can look shiny–use a mattifying primer to combat this.

Green Concealer

Use a green concealer to neutralize redness in the face, which usually occurs on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

Color-Correcting Foundation

Use a color-correcting foundation to even skin tone and hide all traces of redness. Apply it with a Beautyblender sponge to give skin an airbrushed look that doesn’t look too heavy.

Mineral Foundation

Dust on a mineral foundation on your T-zone to further mattify damaged skin.


Skip the blush when your skin is burned to avoid adding even more redness to the face. Instead, warm up your complexion with bronzer on the forehead, nose and apples of cheeks.