Chrissy Teigen's Pink Hair Is The Newest Way To Try The Trend

Everyone's favorite pastel hair color has won over another celebrity fan.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram
Chrissy Teigen has pink hair now.

Just when you thought you could predict a celebrity hair transformation for once, Chrissy Teigen threw a curveball. Although the model and entrepreneur hinted back in January that she'd be taking the purple hair plunge soon, captioning an Instagram selfie in a light purple wig with "I absolutely have to do this," the star's newest color is far from lavender. Instead, Chrissy Teigen tried out pink hair — a hair color trend that probably seems very, very familiar if you kept up with celebrities throughout 2020.

If not, then let's jog your memory: Pale pink hair popped up on Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kaia Gerber, Dua Lipa, and Elle Fanning last year, making it one of the earliest and longest-lasting quarantine beauty trends. Teigen's version of the trend does give it an update, though; rather than the lived-in pink that dominated in 2020, the model's new hair color is a bright yet pastel peach-tinged pink that's just as warm and opaque at her roots as it is throughout her lengths.

Though, yes, there's no word yet on if this is yet another perfectly dyed wig or if Teigen's stylist applied the color to her own hair. The star's Instagram doesn't share any hints, either. "Pink!" was all Teigen wrote in the caption for the Jan. 30 hair reveal, tagging hairstylist Irinel de León, makeup artist Kristine Studden, and stylist Alana Van Deraa.

León shared another snapshot of the pink-haired celeb, which showed off another angle of the style. In that pic, you can see clearly just how long Teigen's hair is — it went from the brunette-and-blonde bob to waist length. (So one more point for the wig team, if you're keeping a running tally.) It's worth mentioning Teigen's makeup, as well: Whether on purpose or not, her dusty rose lipstick complements the hair color to a T.

Nevertheless, time will only tell if Teigen is singlehandedly bringing back one of the biggest hair trends of 2020, or if this is just an indicator that it never really went away. You'll have to keep an eye on Teigen's Instagram, too, to see if she ends up sticking with pink hair, going back to her trademark blonde, or finally giving purple a long-term whirl.