Oscars Warm-Up: 5 Iconic Beauty Looks To Try

The most glamorous night of the year – a.k.a. the Oscars – kicks off tomorrow night and to celebrate, we’ve asked celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury to select her favorite breathtaking beauty looks from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Discover why she loves the iconic looks and how to adapt them for today, below.

#1: Lauren Hutton, 1975 Oscars

"This is a modern, timeless, dreamy look with gorgeously, glowing bronzed skin and minimal makeup except for a summer tan and a fluttering of lashes. She's that effortless girl that everyone wants to be on the red carpet."

"To get her glowing skin use a big bronzing brush on areas where the sun hits, on the forehead, down the nose on the cheekbones, the décalage and the arms."

Photo: via All Dolled Up

#2: Elizabeth Taylor, 1960 Oscars

"Gorgeous Liz always took my breath away on the red carpet. Her hypnotising violet eyes were always perfectly lined and her brows were to die for. She had the greatest hourglass figure and I love how she always showed it off (especially in this dress with its nipped in waist) and how she was always dripping in diamonds."

"To recreate Liz's incredible eyes take a sharp black eyeliner and go right into the lash line and the inner corner of the eye and finish with coatings of back mascara."

Photo: via The Telegraph

#3: Grace Kelly, 1955 Oscars

"I love how Grace looked so happy at the 1955 Oscars ceremony. It really is the best beauty tip that I can give. Her mint green/icy blue gown fitted the 1950's trends perfectly and she really looked like a classic Hollywood movie star."

Photo: Getty Images

#4: Marilyn Monroe, 1953 Oscars

"You can't talk about the best dressed at the Oscars without mentioning the iconic Monroe. Her look is one that has defined the red carpet. Perfectly groomed and put together with her signature feline eye and iconic red lip."

"Always use a lip liner when creating a red lip look to make sure the color doesn't bleed and always use a squared lip brush to apply the lip colour precisely and perfectly."

Photo: via Curate

#5: Audrey Hepburn, 1954 Oscars

"I am always so in awe of Audrey Hepburn's incredible beauty. Her pixie crop, bold brows, deep brown eyes and perfect lips are a makeup artist dream and she looked so heavenly at the 1954 Academy Awards."

"To recreate her iconic brows use a brow pencil to fill in your brows into a squared bold shape remember to use a brow pencil a shade lighter than your natural colour and use an eye brow gel to set them in place."

Photo: Getty Images