Guess Who Just Ditched The Lob And Made Long Hair Cool Again

It seems like every celebrity nowadays is opting to cut her hair into a neck-grazing lob (we’re looking at you, Kendall). Actress Vanessa Hudgens often alternates between medium-length waves and a short chop, but we mostly consider her a bona fide lob-lover. In her latest Instagram post, though, Vanessa showed her followers that she’s moved on from her short-hair days.

She posed in ultra-long mermaid waves, similar to the styles we’ve seen on Kim Kardashian and Rihanna as of late. While you might assume that Vanessa just wanted to try something different, her photo caption reveals it’s all for the love of acting, teasing that the new hair look is for her next film project. (But we think the waist-length extensions are good enough for any occasion.) Hair gurus Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One are responsible for the switch-up, which is serving major drama. Now we’re curious: Has the lob finally had its run, or will celebrities only ditch the cut when work requires them to?

We shall wait and see.