Shay Mitchell’s Under-Eye De-Puffing Trick Is Hiding In Your Kitchen

Shay Mitchell recently hit the big 3-0, and, as a self-proclaimed beauty buff, she’s a pro in the skincare department. Seriously, there’s never a time when Shay’s skin isn’t glowing to perfection, whether she’s wearing makeup or not. In fact, her skin’s in such a great state that she’s been the face of Bioré for over a year now.

Well, it seems her easiest beauty trick is not part of her vanity but can actually be found in the kitchen. Shay recently shared an old-school de-puffing trick that literally anyone can do. All you need is a spoon—yes, a spoon. The actress pops a spoon into her freezer for a few minutes and then uses it to soothe her under-eye area every morning. The cooling compression can helps reduce inflammation and/or swelling in the region. So the next time you’re out of under-eye cream or serum, just toss a spoon into your freezer and practice antiaging Shay’s way.