Natalie Portman Explains Why Wearing Makeup Helps Her Confidence

Natalie Portman always manages to look flawless, whether on a red carpet, in her Dior campaigns or on the street captured by paparazzi. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the Jackie lead shared her secret and it’s one many women can relate to. “Makeup makes me feel confident,” she said. “I feel like if I’m put together in the morning, everything else follows and I have more control over my day.”

Despite the no-makeup movement in full force, many of us still love to highlight our features with our favorite products, and there’s no shame in that. A self-proclaimed “lipstick person,” Natalie shared her go-to shades with the glossy. While living in Paris she opted for a classic French-girl red, stating: “I found it was more of a red-lip city than anywhere else, so I wore Dior’s #999, a bold, classic, matte red. It has all of that passion and seduction that you want out of a red lipstick.” Now that the actress is back in laid-back Los Angeles, she reaches for beach-inspired hues such as coral or pink. “For day, I like Dior’s Grège,” she said. Color us inspired.