Margot Robbie Has The Secret For Faking Thick Hair

You’ll never find Margot Robbie stepping onto a red carpet looking anything short of perfection. Whether she’s donning platinum blonde locks or a chocolate brown shade, her hair is always full of volume. However, Margot recently admitted that she doesn’t possess naturally thick hair. “Readers are being so mislead,” she told Glamour UK . “I have fine, boring hair.”

She credits her glam squad for her secret: “Every time I go to an event they have like clip-in hair extensions to thicken it up, not necessarily for length but just to thicken it up to make it look fuller than it is. So it’s not me, it’s a magical hair stylist making it look good,” she explained.

Thinning hair can be prevented, but if your ship has sailed then clip-in extensions à la Margot are a great alternative.

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