Lady Gaga Literally Has Orange Hair Now

Aside from her obvious talent, Lady Gaga has made a name for herself by donning some of the boldest statement-making looks we’ve ever seen. The singer-turned-actress has proven that she’ll try just about anything when it comes to fashion or beauty. We were surprised to see her go back to darker hair earlier this year, but when she headlined at Coachella shortly after, her blonde hair was back and brighter than ever.

While she’s already had one of the busiest years of her career, she also landed a movie role in A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper to add to her already impressive résumé. She was spotted on the film’s set, and as photos surfaced online, we noticed a very drastic hair change. Gaga is now rocking a fiery orange ‘do that she’s flawlessly pulling off, just like every other one of her looks. While the film isn’t set to hit theaters until 2018, we’re already itching to see her new shade in action.