Kim K’s And Nicole Richie’s Favorite Childhood Lipstick Is Making A Comeback

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Childhood BFFs Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian West have racked up a long list of memories, and not all of them are innocent. Kim may have a huge beauty empire under her belt now at the age of 36, but as a rebellious teen, the star's methods for getting her hands on a great lipstick weren't, er, legal. In a new post on her app, Kim shared that she and Nicole stole lipstick—a brown shade from Revlon to be exact—from a Malibu drugstore when they were 11 years old. Kim's always been adamant about how much she didn't party growing up and admitted this was as rebellious as she's ever gotten. Still, what on earth were they thinking?


While their actions are something we absolutely don't condone, we do understand the love for a good brown lipstick. Be sure to buynot steal—a solid shade for your vanity this fall.