Kim K’s Trick For Removing Makeup Stains From Your Clothes Is A Total Lifesaver

Getty Images for BALMAIN

There’s nothing worse than walking out ready to face the day only to realize there’s a makeup stain on your shirt. Kim Kardashian West agrees, and she’s found a simple hack that will save us all a ton of stress, and we’re pretty sure you already own the products she uses to get the job done.

Detailing the struggle on her app, Kim shares that she removes annoying makeup residue using shaving cream. We expected something like dish soap or detergent, but Kim insists shaving cream will grab the stain right out of the fabric. Now for those of us who are fans of full-coverage products that are extra durable, she includes a second step. Add a bit of rubbing alcohol into the shaving cream and the embedded stain should lift out easily. And there you have it, two household items can save you from sacrificing another one of your favorite tops.