Kim Kardashian Just Teased An Upcoming KKW Beauty Lipstick


If you thought Kim Kardashian West would be slowing down anytime soon, think again. With the success of her KKW Beauty cream and powder contour kits, we knew another big launch was on the horizon. However, we didn't expect the reality star to tease another product so soon. While her contour kits were selling out (restock tomorrow at noon PT, if you were wondering), Kim already had another makeup staple in the works. Earlier this year, she collaborated with little sister Kylie Jenner for a series of liquid lipsticks for Kylie Cosmetics, but now Kim is taking on the lipstick game herself.


She posted this teaser shot on her own Instagram account over the holiday weekend and tagged KKW Beauty—basically confirming that a lip color is on the way (the shade in the photo is so Kim). Sticking to her aesthetic of muted peaches, pinks and nudes, the hue itself was no surprise. We're dying to know if it's an actual lipstick bullet or a KKW Beauty liquid lipstick, but we'll have to wait and see. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we hear updates.