Even Karlie Kloss Is Guilty Of Your Worst Skincare Habit

Supermodels, they’re just like us—well, sort of. Karlie Kloss has some of the most radiant skin known to humankind, and even she has a few bad habits. The model opened up to Elle about how she deals with unexpected zits, and we admit we’re guilty of doing it too. “This really annoying pimple popped up this weekend,” said Karlie. “It doesn’t matter how much your mom tells you not to touch, it stares at you! So I picked at it and three more showed up.”

While taking matters into your own hands is the number-one no-no according to dermatologists (and moms), a sudden whitehead can really test one’s willpower. Instead Karlie can take a tip from Kendall Jenner‘s skincare guru Christie Kidd, who urges being gentle. We’ve also shopped out a few acne-fighting treatments to help you tackle surprise breakouts—hands off!

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