This Is Kaia Gerber’s Secret To Perfect Eyebrows

To maintain her enviable supermodel-in-training appearance, Kaia Gerber lives by a few beauty rules: Give your hair a break from styling products, be diligent about sunscreen and don’t be afraid to go fragrance-crazy. (The 15-year-old is the new face of Marc Jacobs Daisy.)

Additionally, Kaia reveals in an interview with Glamour that she takes advice from none other than her mother: veteran supermodel Cindy Crawford. A big lesson she learned from her? Never to tweeze her eyebrows.

“I used to wax my brows, but my mom was like: You need to stop,” she says. “Now I barely do anything to them.” Her brow routine involves combing, using the occasional gel and only trimming them once in a while because, she explains, “I want to have brows like my mom’s when I’m 50!”

She describes an even more important lesson her mom taught her. “With beauty, my mom’s three favorite words have always been: Less is more. She’s so naturally beautiful; she seriously looks gorgeous right when she wakes up in the morning. Her beauty is more about her presence than anything specific she does with her hair or makeup, and that concept definitely stays with me.”

And while she admits that some days are better than others, “I just try to let them be,” she tells the magazine. Easier said than done, but we’ll give these wise words a try.