This Supplement Helped Jessica Alba Grow Out Her Thin Eyebrows


There’s no worse feeling than realizing you got too tweezer happy and ruined your perfect arches—it takes eons to grow them back. Jessica Alba admits to a few such blunders in her day, but she discovered a secret that allowed her to bring her brows back to their lush, natural state.

In a recent interview with E! , the actress and entrepreneur said she felt her thin eyebrows made her look angry all the time, so in addition to putting down the tweezers (for two years!), she stocked up on prenatal vitamins. While the supplements are intended to provide expectant mothers and their unborn babies with essential nutrients, minerals and digestive enzymes, many of our friends swear they’ve helped thicken their hair and strengthen their nails, and Jessica is living proof. The founder of the Honest Company is now offering prenatals as part of her personal-care line. You can buy them here.