Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Look Is Giving Us Rachel Green Vibes


We don’t remember a day when Jennifer Aniston wasn’t our primary hair muse, and we don’t want to. From the iconic “Rachel” look she rocked in the ’90s to the long stick-straight strands we’ve seen her in of late, the actress seems to get it right no matter what the ‘do. Most recently, however, Jen served up a bit of nostalgia when she appeared at a benefit dinner hosted by Chanel and the Natural Resources Defense Council (with BFF and Friends co-star Courtney Cox, no less).

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The New "Rachel"

The style queen's new look feels very Season 8 Rachel Green, if you ask us. It consists of a subtle shoulder-length haircut with statement-making waves. We also noticed that her blonde locks look a little brighter and reflect perfectly against her natural glow. Jen also swapped the side-part she had adopted for a while for a classic center part (very Rachel, right?) which helps show off her eyes. The ease and effortlessness of this look makes it ideal for summer and all its outdoor glory. Feeling inspired? Ahead, learn how to get the look yourself, using only three products.

First, prep your damp hair with sea salt spray. This will kickstart the texture you'll want for your waves.

Apply a light mousse to your hair to hold the shape of your hair. An oil-infused formula ensures a movable feel (and won't give you the dreaded crunchy look).

Dry your strands with a blow dryer or let them air dry, whatever you prefer. Once dry, apply a hair oil from root to tip for a glossy finish.

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