The Supermodel-Approved Way To Fight Pimples

Getty Images for Whitney Museum

Dree Hemingway is undoubtedly every low-maintenance girl’s style and beauty icon. We recently fell in love with her “no makeup” makeup tutorial video that she shot for Vogue, and now Dree has opened up about her skincare routine. In a recent interview with Byrdie she dished on how she manages to keep her skin clear, and the answer might surprise you.

It turns out she’s a huge fan of toothpaste and has several to choose from whenever she brushes her teeth, but that’s not all she uses it for. “I will also put toothpaste on my pimples because I have an array of toothpastes [laughs]. Most of them are all-natural, so it works for my teeth and my pimples! I have had it burn off my face once. It was satisfying for me but not satisfying for the makeup artist. It wasn’t bulbous anymore, but it was red, and drying, and gross,” she told Byrdie.

Coincidentally enough that also happens to be fellow model Gigi Hadid’s go-to zit treatment. It might work for these It girls, but we’re going to have to refrain thanks to those burning and drying side effects. Try one of these four acne-fighting alternatives instead.

Say Goodbye To Pimples