How To Get Model Dree Hemingway’s ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Getty Images

Actress and model Dree Hemingway has more than just a notable last name. In addition to walking runways and appearing in a handful of films, Dree’s constantly spotted at the most buzzed about events, and of course, always looks nothing short of amazing. If there’s anyone who exemplifies what “no makeup” makeup means, it’s certainly Dree. While we assumed she just had perfect skin and never reached for a single makeup product, she went ahead and proved us wrong.

In an exclusive video for Vogue, Dree shares some of her tips. Highlights include an oatmeal scrub, using eye cream all over her face, removing virtually all of her lipstick before leaving the house and using oil to emphasize her cheekbones. Watch the video here then shop some of her essentials.

Dree's Essentials