Every Single Beauty Product Cindy Crawford Swears By

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Cindy Crawford is easily one of the biggest beauty muses of all time. The brunette bombshell and original supermodel has maintained her glow (and general flawlessness) throughout the decades. Daughter Kaia is currently taking the modeling world by storm, and it's obvious her mom has taught her how to build a beauty regimen. Cindy doesn't shy away from sharing her secrets with us regular folks either—including her skincare, hair and makeup essentials. Here, we've rounded up all of Cindy's must-have beauty products—take a cue from the OG icon and incorporate these into your own routine.

This unique blend of serum and moisturizer is part of Cindy's own Meaningful Beauty line. She's mentioned several times that she uses it religiously.

The supermodel mom was spotted unwinding with her daughter Kaia in a pair of these eye masks after fashion week.

Dry brushing is a popular skincare technique, especially among celebrities. The lymphatic drainage helps promote blood circulation, reducing inflammation and the appearance of cellulite. Cindy dry brushes before a shower or bath.

She follows up her bath with Neutrogena body oil, giving it a few minutes to absorb.

Cindy also makes sure to apply her Meaningful Beauty SPF every day. Not only does sunscreen protect your skin, it's an essential part of an antiaging routine.

To help keep her strands strong, she swears by silk pillowcases. Silk doesn't tug at the hair or strip any essential oils.

Cindy also swears by this salon-quality shampoo to cleanse her mane.

Jen Atkin's Ouai Smooth Spray is already a cult-favorite, and Cindy agrees.

To finish off her signature volume, she adds a few spritzes of this flexible, multi-tasking hair spray.

To add a natural flush to her cheeks, she wears this pink-hued color stick made with argan oil.

Fan-favorite Creme de La Mer also comes in a version for your pout. Cindy uses this lip balm every day to keep her lips smooth and hydrated.

Last but not least, Cindy's go-to mascara is actually a drugstore favorite. She's talked about this lash lifter for years as her favorite.