Weird Beauty Treatments Celebrities Swear By

Beauty treatments aren’t always so beautiful, and we’ve done some pretty bizarre things in the name of a sculpted, flawless appearance. From vampire facials to body wraps where we’ve been wrapped like a burrito, we’ve tried it all—and we’re not the only ones. Below, we’ve tracked down the five wild services celebrities swear by to keep their envious Hollywood glow.


A-List Beauty Secrets

Have you ever wonder how the Victoria’s Secret Angels get the confidence to have their derriere exposed as they strut down the runway? Often, before the show many indulge in a butt facial, a treatment that soothes and tightens the region. A popular option for Angels is The Shiny Hiney at Skin by Molly, which focuses on eliminating toxins, congested pores and sagging skin. This 75-minute treatment leaves the backside balanced and runway-ready.

Nothing beats a great complexion-fixing treatment but throw in microcurrent technology and a collagen-boosting LED face mask like The Signature by Shani Darden, and you’ve elevated the post-facial glow to a whole new level. Touted for its impressive firming, anti-aging benefits and skin-purging results, this service is the go-to that clapback queen Chrissy Teigen and supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swear by to get their skin red-carpet ready. For those not in the know, microcurrent treatments infuse gentle electric stimulation into the muscles and tissue to tone and rejuvenate the skin. Yes, please

We all probably have something that we would like to magically zap away or tighten a bit—enter the Kardashian-approved treatment, CoolSculpting. This non-invasive procedure uses cooling technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells over a three-month period. During this time, the cells die and never return, which means the treated areas should remain taut.

Rumors have swirled for years that spending a few minutes in a cryotherapy chamber chilled by liquid nitrogen to 200 degrees below Fahrenheit can heal aches, pains, burn calories and overall boost your mood and immune system. Experts have mixed opinions on this freezer-friendly treatment but celebrities like Mandy Moore swear by it to maintain a healthy physique.

By now you’ve probably heard and considered having your eyebrows microbladed, especially since Bella Thorne broadcasted hers via Snapchat and Lena Dunham documented it for her Instagram followers. Microblading involves estheticians using a small knife to make tiny incisions on the skin to give clients fuller, perfect brows.

The tip of the blade is dipped in ink and once the incisions are done, the excess ink is wiped off to reveal Lucy Hale-worthy brows sans daily touch-ups.