The Complete Beauty Evolution Of Taylor Swift


When Taylor Swift first appeared on the music scene, her sweet look consisted of big ringlet curls and girly makeup to match. Today, she’s evolved into one of the world’s biggest pop stars, as well as a style muse for the masses. Thanks to a slew of fun, experimental hair moments along the way (often paired with her signature red lip), Taylor’s beauty transformation is one for the books. While we’re now accustomed to her shaggy blonde bob, there are so many other styles a true Swifty will never forget. In honor of her 27th birthday, we’re taking a look back at the singer-songwriter’s most memorable hair and makeup moments to date.

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November 2006

At the start of her career, Taylor's bountiful curls became her signature look. She kept the cascading golden ringlets around for nearly four years and was hardly ever seen without them.

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October 2010

With curls still intact (though a bit looser), Taylor made a subtle change in her hair color. Her bright blonde locks transformed to a light honey-brown shade. This is also around the time she declared her love for red lipstick.

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November 2010

She ditched her curls for this sleek, pin-straight style. Taylor also added a bit of edge to her new look with a set of blunt bangs and thick black eyeliner.

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November 2013

At the 2013 American Music Awards, Taylor graced the red carpet in an '80s inspired hairdo. Her fringe was a lot wispier this time around, and the roots of her hair were teased for added volume.

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March 2014

Taylor first began testing out the shorter lengths we see her in today back in 2014. Inspired by true Hollywood glamour, she added subtle waves and a fire-engine red lip to complete her look.

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March 2015

For a different kind of retro appeal, Taylor curled and teased her new lob into a voluminous rendition of the style.

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February 2016

Earlier this year, Taylor debuted her much talked about blunt bob. She garnered comparisons to Vogue's Anna Wintour due to the straight-across bangs.

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April 2016

In a more laid-back approach to her bob, Taylor began to style her strands in a shaggier manner.

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May 2016

Taylor shocked everyone when she debuted her platinum blonde on the May cover of US Vogue. She shocked again when she stepped onto the red carpet at this year's Met Gala with the bright hue.

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September 2016

In recent months she's been rocking an effortless layered lob. No longer platinum, she's gone much closer to her natural shade.