9 Beauty Products You Should Always Keep In Your Gym Bag

by Stephanie Montes

You’re a busy girl, so we fully support fitting in a workout every chance you get—pre-office, on your lunch break, whatever works. But before you go break a sweat, there are a few essentials we refuse to let you leave the house without. Here, nine items that make you look (and smell) great again, even after a full workout. Now get out there and burn some calories!

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

The Skincare Fix

Get your complexion up and running again—and soothe redness and irritation—with this calming cocktail of algae, eucalyptus oil and lavender.

The Body Refresher

No time for a shower? No problem. These instant-refreshing wipes disinfect skin and leave you feeling soft and smelling fresh.

The No-Stain Deodorant

We love how this deodorant goes on dry and keeps us smelling right all day. But the best part is it won't leave marks on our favorite little black dresses.

The Hair Hero

Always, always keep a dry shampoo nearby—even if you don't plan on working out that day. This one soaks up oils on the scalp without leaving behind residue or dry ends.

The Complexion Corrector

Color-correcting products are making a serious comeback. These green drops counteract redness in the skin (especially the kind you see after getting off the treadmill) when worn alone or when mixed with liquid foundation.

The Mini Perfume

Don't tote your favorite full-sized perfume to the gym. Instead, this 1 oz. version gets you smelling good and feeling better.

The Mane Mist

Whether you decide to wash your hair or not, this beach spray gives you incredible texture and beautiful shine one spritz at a time.

The Lip Lifesaver

Your lips tend to get parched after a workout. Drink some water to rehydrate and don't forget to apply some lip balm.

The Makeup-Melting Face Wipes

Don't have time to wash your face? Melt away makeup, sweat and dirt with these on-the-go, oil-free cleansing wipes.