Bright Idea

by The Zoe Report

If you have made it this far into summer without updating your makeup bag with at least one new product, then you are a stronger woman than all of us Team Zoe-ers combined! Beauty junkies to the core, at any given moment we’re likely to become fully engulfed in a pile of dry-to-wet eyeshadows, BB creams and coral lip colors with only a perfectly polished hand sticking out signaling for help. Our SOS cry today? We’re buried in brights! A staggering resolution for reviving your beauty routine mid-season, delve into our cornucopia of conspicuous cosmetics to put the bounce back in your prep. Lend azure to your eyes, pink to your cheeks and orange to your lips, and like maquillage magic, you’ll yield a show-stopping look worthy of the sun and shade. Ten prettifiers total, procure one or more of these glam goods as the finishing complement to your summer-sational getups—a bright idea, indeed!

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