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The Gold-Infused Oil Brianna Lance Swears By For Her Smooth, Copper Hair

So shiny.

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Courtesy of Brianna Lance
brianna lance beauty routine
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When someone’s selfie makes you scroll back, you want to know the beauty products responsible for the double take. Inquiring minds get answers with TZR’s The High/Low series, where we ask our favorite tastemakers to reveal both the splurge-worthy and wildly affordable staples in their routines.

It’s shocking a photo of Brianna Lance doesn’t accompany “polymath” in the dictionary. As a painter, sculptor, illustrator, brand consultant, musician, and DJ, she’s a true embodiment of the word. As such, when you’re gifted with an artist’s eye, you’ve naturally refined your signature style, too. The New York City-based creative likes to play with color and bold patterns in her wardrobe, but is consistent on the beauty front, with her trademark wavy copper hair and bangs and cat-flick eyeliner and cherry-stained lips. Creating works of art can be a taxing, complex feat, but Lance’s beauty routine is simple and effective.

So where does an artist find beauty inspiration? “My number one is @neoitgirl — she just does amazing makeup,” Lance tells TZR. “But other than that, I’m 40 now, so I don’t reference much because I really know my face and what looks good and what doesn’t.” Discovering new products is where experimentation comes into play, rather than plucking bits from references.

Ahead, Lance shares the mainstays in her hair, makeup, and skin care routines. Keep reading to discover her luxe and affordable favorites.

Courtesy of Brianna Lance
Courtesy Brianna Lance

Brianna’s Favorites Over $25

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