Fresh Summer Braid Ideas For Your Hair Length

Memorial Day weekend is here which means braid season is also upon us. After all, there’s no better hairstyle for adventure-filled, humidity-prone days. While edgy braids are trending (see: Joan Smalls), there are plenty of boho and romantic options that are still very much in style. Here, a recap of some of our favorite looks and what hair-length they’re ideal for.

Lauren Conrad's Half-Up Braid

A macrame braid (see here for instructions) gives short, fine hair some oomph.

Photo: @Kristin_Ess

Jessica Stam's Double French Braids

Starting double French braids right at the top allows shorter-haired girls to partake in the fun.

Photo: @jennifer_yepez

Bella Hadid's Face-Framing Braid

Almost anyone can rock a teeny-tiny baby braid for a boho-cool effect.

Photo: @gigihadid

Karolina Kurkova's Braided Bun

Make mid-length hair look super long by coiling a regular braid into a bun.

Photo: @karolinakurkova

Alexa Chung's Milkmaid Braid

Mid- to long-haired girls can highlight their French-girl bangs by pinning two pigtail braids at the top of the head.

Photo: @chungalexa

Kendall Jenner's Undercut Braids

Teeny-tiny cornrow braids look cool on long-haired girls but work well for a variety of lengths.

Photo: @kendalljenner

Joan Small's Mohawk Braids

We love this edgy trio of French braids, which works on long-haired girls or those with a shorter mane.

Photo: @jennifer_yepez

Rachel Zoe's Wrap-Around Braid

Girls with longer hair will love this crown braid and side braid combo.

Photo: @rachelzoe

Zoe Kravtiz's Allover Braids

While it's more of a commitment, we love box braids on girls with super-long hair (and shorter).

Photo: @zoeisabellakravitz