The 6 Most Bizarre Spa Treatments Ever

by Stephanie Montes

We believe it’s important to pamper yourself and trust us, we are prepared to go that extra mile to get results. But what if the lengths gone for a treatment drives us to the limit; like a massage led by snakes or applying remnants of a placenta as a facial? You wont believe what women are doing these days to stay beautiful and young-looking. Prepare to be shocked, freaked out and maybe even a little inspired by what we have in store for you.

See The 6 Treatments That Made Us Cringe

Ever wondered what a tangled team of non-venomous snakes slithering up and down your bare back would feel like? From what we hear, it’s incredibly effective at relieving tension and even migraines. If you ask us, this would be the opposite of relaxing, not to mention our worst nightmare come true.

If you’re wising for baby-soft skin, you can look no further than the placenta facial, which uses stem cells from a sheep's placenta to boost collagen, tighten skin and promote tissue growth. Purified substance from the organ is applied all over the face before a mesh mask is stretched on top to help the hydrating treatment penetrate the skin.

This treatment is an open invite for leeches to go vampire on you and gorge themselves on your blood. Acting as a detoxifying cleanse, the parasites swell up on your blood to the point where you could actually see them getting fatter and fatter. Once they have had enough, they just roll over, leaving you with healthy, clean blood.

Speaking of blood, the vampire facial is a procedure that is said to help reduce pore size and fine lines. Technicians draw a vial of the patient’s blood and smear it into tiny holes poked in the face. The result: rejuvenated skin.

Women are now opting to getting their lady parts steamed for an array of health benefits. This cleanse consists of sitting naked on an open-seated chair, with an internal humidifier that emits herb-infused steam. This is a holistic approach to boosting fertility, easing menstrual cramps, balancing hormones, correcting digestive disorders and soothing the nervous system. Who knew that steam in the right places could be so powerful?

This form of acupressure is used to release harmful toxins, clear the blood vessels, increase circulation and relax the body. While you lie faced down, a therapist warms glass bulbs with a fire torch, then sticks the bulbs on your entire back and neck using a technique that creates a suction effect. The vacuume-like bulbs bring insane amounts of blood vessels to the surface, resulting in a back full of bulb-filled welts. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, the treatment causes bruised orbs that last from several weeks to months.