If You Have Bangs, You Need These Essential Styling Products

They’re all simply *bangin’*.

Few beauty moments, products, or cuts are transformative as bangs. A few snips of your stylist’s shears can completely change your face, and aesthetic. Let this roundup of the best styling products for bangs make life easier. @taylorswift

There’s a product for every texture, length, style, and beyond.

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Bangs and plants can look similarly lifeless if they fall too flat — which means a serious perk-up is in order. This surprisingly lightweight texturizing spray plumps up hair volume, height, and shape for a set of bangs that are the very definition of artfully mussed.
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For curly bangs, nothing looks better than when each curl is defined, glossed, and hydrated to its fullest potential — and that’s way easier than it sounds with this top-rated curl oil-gel hybrid that separates and emphasizes individual curls for, in turn, the best bangs of your life.
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An alternate name for this does-it-all paste? Instant rockstar. Piecey bangs are up there with leather pants and red lipstick in the cool-girl hall of fame, and this favorite from Amika makes it too easy to try out for yourself.
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It’s something of the ultimate bangs Catch-22: You want the hair you just styled to stay as such, but too much hairspray (or too thick a formula), and things can get crispy in a hurry. This hairspray will hold things in place without ever veering into school picture day territory.
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It’s all in the name: This multi-benefit styling wax is truly made for bangs — and for people who hate to get their hands sticky. For those averse to dipping fingers in a tub of wax for textured bangs, just spritz a coat of this on damp hair and tousle.
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Humidity is the mortal enemy of all perfectly styled bangs, and this chrome-encased spray by Color Wow is the ultimate defense. Sprayed on before styling with pomades or waxes or heat, it’ll keep unwanted moisture at bay to maintain your bangs all night long.
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If you’re after any sort of pinup bang look or just pure volume and shine, go old school with a set of bang-enhancing rollers. Regardless if they’re heated, velcro, or moldable foam, they’re some of the easiest ways to shape stubborn bangs without inflicting curling iron-level heat damage.
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It’s nearly impossible to overdo it with Oribe’s light-as-a-feather spray that manages to style, texturize, and lock in your fringe all at once. Perfect for a mid-day touch-up, just spritz the underside for instant volume and life.
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