Oribe Released Another Multi-Tasking Oil — Here’s How It’s Different

Courtesy of Oribe
Oribe's newest oil is really a mix of 17 different oils that work on your body, face, and hair.

While there may be a little extra time for self-care these days, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel like doing a hair mask, face mask, peel, and four types of serums every single night. Which is why products that hold more than one purpose are really the heroes of beauty routines right now. The recent launch of Oribe's new Gold Lust All Over Oil recognizes this, and the company that’s best known for its luxe haircare created a $62 oil that goes beyond your strands.

If you already happily own Oribe's similarly named Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil or its Côte d'Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil, you may wonder why you should add Gold Lust All Over Oil to your regimen. The reason is simple: While the former are both better suited for hair (and body, for Côte d'Azur), Oribe's newest product has been formulated for all of those areas, plus your face. "The new Gold Lust All Over Oil has a richer texture and was formulated with more nourishing benefits in mind for hair, body, and face," Michele Burgess, Oribe's Executive Director of Product Development, says in an email to The Zoe Report. "We used a natural lemon rose fragrance at a lower level than we typically formulate with since the product can be used on the face."

And yes, there was a reason behind the decision to make this product a part of your skincare routine. "We are seeing that consumers are wanting more from their beauty products," explains Burgess. "We wanted to create something beautifully universal that would provide people with different usage options depending on their individual hair, body, and skin concerns." With that in mind, the brand created the new multi-purpose launch, which features 17 oils — sunflower seed, sweet almond, coconut, meadowfoam seed, jojoba, and bergamot fruit to name a few — that help treat a variety of skin and hair qualms, like dry spots and dullness.

However, though Burgess says the brand is constantly looking for ways to innovate in other categories, she maintains that haircare "will always remain our primary focus because our brand is so deeply rooted in the art of hairdressing." Which explains why the brand didn't stop at this new hybrid product for its launches this month.

Instead, Oribe released another haircare product — the Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray, $44 — which is intended to provide protection against damage from up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And, luckily, it's also a multitasker: The spray guards strands from UV rays and pollution through the use of malachite extract, rosemary leaf extract, and a "multifunction UV absorber," while moisturizing your hair with vitamin B and plant-based collagen.

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