My Signature Fragrance Always Gets Compliments & It’s Perfect For Spring

Prepare for strangers to swoon.

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Of all the fragrance notes available today, both natural and synthetic, I feel like rose never gets enough love. Despite the “old lady” connotation some close-minded scent enthusiasts may lob at them, rose perfumes are neither stuffy or old-fashioned. Rather, I see them as a classically chic choice, the little black dress of perfumes. Happily, it seems like many perfumers agree with me, as there has been a recent boom in rose fragrances over the last few months, with options that span crisp, modern blends to the quintessentially romantic — and dare I say, unapologetically sexy.

If you’ve sworn off floral fragrances up until this point, I can’t recommend giving a rose scent a shot highly enough. Truly, there’s no perfume I’ve worn that’s received more compliments from strangers on a crowded L train (masks and all) than Diptyque’s Eau de Rose. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collecting rose scents.

So, with spring just a few tantalizingly weeks away, there’s no better time to explore the many delicious options for the best rose perfumes. Check out six industry favorites to add to your fragrance lineup below.

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If you’re looking to keep your perfume shopping on the sustainable side, try St. Rose’s Vigilante scent, which uses upcycled rose concentrate and cedarwood atlas for a moody, smoky blend that is pure meet-a-dark-and-handsome-stranger-at-the-bar energy. The sandalwood and patchouli base keeps the scent grounded without ever feeling too heavy.

The legendary French fragrance house nails this scent with a blend of damascena and centifolia roses, with plenty of green and fruity notes to balance the rich floral base. Trust me, if you’ve never tried an almost entirely pure rose scent, this eau de toilette will make you a quick convert. It’s ideal for everyday wear, even if you’re bundled up in cashmere until spring.

If you haven’t tried Michelle Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose clean fragrance collection, the sensual Queens & Monsters blend is a fabulous place to start. The neroli top notes provide a zesty, slightly citrusy tinge while the freesia and vanilla balance out the perfume for a rich olfactory experience. It’s ideal for a decadent black tie event.

A sparkling, youthful rose perfume, this blend of peonies and Sicilian lemon keep the scent feeling bright and crisp. But the best part of this fragrance might just be that the gorgeous cap and bottle are fully recyclable and biodegradable, so that when you inevitably fly through the juice, you can rest easy knowing that your beauty habits are sustainable.

Who says that rose scents can’t feel masculine? Although fragrance can’t (and shouldn’t) be gendered, the woody amber mid notes of this perfume provide a lush, enticing blend that will definitely have strangers inquiring after what you’re wearing.

Want a little bite to your rose perfume? The pink peppercorns harmonize with the raspberry blossom notes and base of Turkish rose for an intriguing perfume that definitely stands out from the crowd. If you need a bit of energy to help you through a long day at work, a spritz of this will pull you out of your funk in no time.

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