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I'm A Press On Nail Enthusiast & This $10 Set Is The Best I've Ever Tried

Seriously chic.

Catherine Santino
press on nails

As someone who does not have the patience nor the budget for regular acrylics and often gets frustrated at the limited wear time of regular polish, press-on nails have become a regular part of my beauty routine. For a couple of years now, I have been on a quest to find the very best press-on nails, trying everything from flimsy drugstore nails to custom-made sets on Etsy. My poor nail beds have been through the ringer and I’ve had more nail glue mishaps than I care to admit, but I have finally found the crème de la crème of press-on nails — and they’re both easily accessible *and* affordable.

You may know Olive & June for its aesthetically-pleasing manicure systems that include adorable-yet-functional tools like the nail polish remover pot or the brand’s patented polish bottle handle. You can purchase the system in its entirety (which also comes with your selection of vegan and cruelty-free nail polish) as well as its individual parts, but the main mission of Olive & June is to recreate a salon nail experience at home at an affordable price.

Catherine Santino

In 2021, the brand upped the ante by launching its collection of press-on nails. Having already been a huge fan of the polishes and tools, I of course had to get my hands on them right away (pun intended). I was immediately impressed by the fact that Olive & June offers a variety of nail lengths — extra-short, short, medium, and long. I love a long nail moment, but they’re simply not practical for me and I always end up regretting them, so I was pleased to find the shorter options, which allow me to comfortably type away all day with no issues.

Here, I’m wearing the short and oval-shaped Olive & June press-ons in a lovely cream shade. This particular pair lasted me a full seven days (as the packaging promises) with absolutely no lifting or chipping, which is practically unheard of when it comes to press-ons, at least for me. The collection also has a nice mix of neutrals and bright colors as well as trendy nail art, so there’s something for every mood.

Catherine Santino

Another thing I love about these nails is the packaging. Each box comes with 42 nails in 21 sizes, so not only are you certain to find the perfect size for your nails, but you can get multiple manicures out of a single set. It also includes a 2-in-1 file and buffer, wooden cuticle pusher, prep pad, and glue so you have everything you need for an instant manicure.

Even still, I have some other tried-and-true products and tools that I like incorporating into my nail routine to help them look great and last a long time. Keep reading for my press-on manicure essentials and check out some of the most adorable Olive & June sets. Perhaps the best part? The brand is available at Target.com and in stores, so you have yet another excuse to shop at everyone’s favorite retail haven.

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[clarify if the presence of oil makes stick-ons fall of more easily]