Dry Winter Hair Is No Match For This New Trio Of Fruit-Infused Masks

Plus, all the other hair care newness this month.

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A certain hit HBO series would warn that winter is coming, but between steadily dropping temperatures and the holiday shopping rush, it feels like it’s already here. While the cozy season definitely has many perks, it can also make keeping up with your beauty routine more difficult — especially as the air gets drier and drier. Your hair is especially likely to suffer the cold-weather consequences, which is why it’s always wise to stock up on hydrating essentials before the season fully strikes. The best new hair products of November 2022 are here to help you address a slew of hair concerns, including staving off winter’s drying effects, achieving a healthier scalp, and brightening dull hair color.

No matter what type of hair you have, SexyHair’s new trio of masks can boost moisture and nourishment with a cocktail of fruit extracts and vitamin C. The coolest part? The formulas are created using discarded fruit deemed too “imperfect” for grocery store shelves, making them an eco-friendly option. If thickening your hair is your MO this winter, Better Not Younger has an all-star scalp duo that treats your scalp while stimulating growth. Blondes are also in luck — Goldie Locks and BLONDEME have brand-new products designed just for you.

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