This New Retinol Serum Might Be A Game-Changer For Sensitive Skin

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Though some may argue that it’s an arbitrary distinction (“it’s just another day!” — cue the eye roll), the promise a new year brings is prime motivation to push yourself forward, closer to your ultimate goals. There’s a lot to be said about New Year’s resolutions, but one of the easiest ways to embrace new-year-new-me mentality is through careful curation of your beauty routines. Think about it — skin care is how you start and end the day, combining health and wellness with rituals of self-love and commitment to consistency. And if the best new beauty products of January 2023 line your medicine cabinet, half the work is practically done for you.

To kick 2023 off right, your favorite beauty brands are starting strong with revitalizing serums, strengthening hair treatments, and glamorous new makeup products all ready to make short work of all those TikTok trends crowding your feed. More than a few beloved brands are extending their lines outside of their own comfort zones — MAC makes skin care now! — not unlike a resolution of their own. To jumpstart your 2023 routines, TZR’s compiled an (ever-growing) list of the month’s best beauty products. Regardless of if your goals are a more even complexion, stronger strands, or that perfect, cheek-chiseling contour stick, everything needed to put your best face forward is right here.

January 2023 Skin Care Launches

Best New Mask

Best New Serums

Best New Moisturizers

Best New Cleansers

Best New Body Oil

Best New Body Lotions

Best New Deodorant

Best New Face Oils

Best New Eye Cream

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January 2023 Makeup Launches

Best New Setting Spray

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Best New Contour

January 2023 Hair Launches

Best New Bond Treatment

Best New Shampoo

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Best New Curling Iron

January 2023 Nail Launches

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