Celebrity Makeup Artists Share 6 Eyeliner Tips For Hooded Eyes

Plus, the best products for a long-lasting look.

by Natasha Marsh
Eyeliner tips for Hooded Eyes

Attempting a new eye makeup trend can be a frustrating experience the first time around, but for people with hooded eyes, making a specific look work can feel even more dubious due to the lack of eyelid real estate. That’s why understanding some of the industry’s best eyeliner tips for hooded eyes can make a huge difference. “Hooded eyes are an eye shape where a layer of skin lays over the crease of the eye,” shares KVD Beauty global veritas artistry ambassador Sandra Saenz. “Because hooded eyes have less eyelid to apply eyeliner, it’s important to be strategic when placing your liner.”

If you have hooded eyes and find that you often have a hard time getting your favorite eyeliner to actually stay on your lid, have issues executing intricate shapes or designs, or you constantly deal with smudged liner around your eyes by the afternoon, you’ll find that a few minor tweaks in your technique will help you to to create gorgeous (and long-lasting) eyeliner looks every single time you do your makeup.

Below, TZR enlisted five celebrity makeup artists to share their expert insight on how to avoid the guesswork and trial and error that occasionally comes with applying eyeliner on hooded eyes. Read on for their six top makeup tips, and go-to products for long-lasting liner.

Tip 1: Prep The Eye Area

Using a primer is essential to keep any eye makeup in place throughout the day, but it’s especially important for people with hooded eyes. Fiona Stiles, celebrity makeup, artist swears by Heir Atelier Eye Primer prior to your eyeliner. “Eye primer is a must to keep liners and shadows from transferring into a hooded crease,” she says. After a quick dry time (20-30 seconds) you’ll be ready to go in with your eyeliner.

Tip 2: Look Straight Ahead When Applying

If you had hooded eyes, rather than looking down or closing one eye to apply your liner (whether liquid, gel, or pencil) you’ll want to look straight ahead at your reflection. Says Saenz, “The key to ensure placement suits your lids, it’s important to apply liner when looking directly at yourself in the mirror with eyes open.” Doing so will help you see where the folds are and prevent your eyeliner from getting lost or smudged. “Once the line has been created, you can look down in the mirror and see if there are any gaps to fill in,” Saenz tells TZR. “Remember, practice makes perfect!”

Tip 3: Opt For A Precision Point Applicator

Saenz recommends the KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner for its sharp tip, which will make it easy to keep product directed at the lash line for a straight, even line and is great to create a quick flick or wing. “A lot of people use the tip as if they’re writing with a pen, which can result in a blotchy line,” the expert says. “But by guiding the tip or the brush across the lid without applying pressure, you’ll get a more seamless line.”

Tip 4: Apply The Wing Out Rather Than Up

According to Manuel Espinoza, StyleSeat makeup artist, the trick to nailing eyeliner is to extend the line across your eyelid and use that line to visualize the wing. “Create a downward sloping line at the outer corner of your eyelid, then draw the wing out and up instead of the normal vertical,” shares Espinoza. “This aligns your wing with the natural angle of your inner corner.” In terms of product, the expert believes the look is only as good as your application. “Eyeliners that are gel and long-wearing will aid in an easy application while reducing smudging or transfer from hooded eyes.”

Tip 5: Start The Wing Farther Out

Instead of starting the wing from the natural corner of the eye, Dani Kimiko Vincent, celebrity makeup artist, brow expert, and founder of KIMIKO, suggests extending the lining of the upper lid first, then begin the wing from this point. “The wing should remain lifted with the tail placed higher than the base,” she tells TZR. “Extend the wing at a softer, less vertical angle to prevent the wing from running through the hooded portion of the lid.” She adds that if the wing still passes through the hooded portion of the lid, you can soften the liner and wing with a bit of dark shadow or pencil along the upper edges, which will create a more forgiving transition.

Tip 6: Go Back & Correct

If you make any liner mistakes (it happens to everyone) Vincent recommends using cotton buds and micellar water to clean up the line and smooth uneven edges. Since there are no oils in this makeup remover option, it won’t interfere as you correct and redraw your liner. “You can also use concealer and an angled brush to refine and crisp up the underside of the wing,” the expert tells TZR.

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