Yes, There Is A Difference Between Facial Roller Stones

From jade to rose quartz to obsidian, here are the benefits of each.

GabrielPevide/E+/Getty Images
Woman using jade roller on her face at home

The skin-care trend of crystal face rollers and DIY facial massage isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Gua shas, for example, date back to the 14th century. And by now, you’ve had to have seen countless beauty gurus gently passing a roller across their skin on social media.

So what's the deal with these little handheld tools? Is a crystal facial roller going to take the place of Botox? Of course not. But incorporating this practice into your skin-care routine can help alleviate tension, increase circulation, minimize puffiness, and rev up radiance.

What’s more, the act of pushing the stone across skin after applying serums, moisturizers, and face oils can actually help the ingredients penetrate deeper. Some die-hards swear it even stimulates collagen and temporarily smooths wrinkles.

Sold on crystal facial rollers yet? You’re definitely not alone. But with several crystal types to choose from — such as jade and rose quartz — which do you pick?

Firstly, yes there is a difference between facial roller stones. Each boasts its own set of benefits, and some are better than others at addressing specific concerns — both physical and metaphysical.

Scroll on for the 411 on jade, rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian crystal face rollers and the differences between each stone.

Jade Face Roller

Jade has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries. This stone stays cool, so it helps calm irritation and inflammation, according to Karina Sulzer, founder of Skin Gym. (So, those with easily inflamed skin, this is the roller for you.) Jade also supports lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and bacteria that cause blemishes.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Metaphysically, rose quartz is the ultimate crystal for love and self-care. Long associated with beauty and youth, the ancient Egyptians even believed that it could be used to fight aging. “This is probably due to the fact that rose quartz possesses properties that reduce tension, promote healing, and increase cell turnover,” explains Sulzer.

Suitable for all skin types, turn to this face roller if you’re open to the idea that rose quartz can deliver a dose of self-love.

Amethyst Face Roller

According to Sulzer, this popular purple stone soothes inflammation associated with acne and tightens pores, and is beneficial for boosting blood flow. “Amethyst is...considered great for people with problematic skin,” she explains.

On the spiritual side, amethyst is believed to be a protective crystal known for inspiring intuition and insight. So, if you find yourself in need of a bit of wisdom, a meditative nightly ritual with an amethyst face roller might be just what you need.

Obsidian Face Roller

“With its deep black color and glass-like texture, obsidian is one of the most intriguing crystals,” notes Sulzer. When used on the face, obsidian works to draw out impurities to help decongest pores and encourage overall balance in the skin.

Like all face rollers, it’s great at relieving at tension and, spiritually speaking, it’s believed to be deeply detoxifying for your inner self as well, keeping negative energy at bay.