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The Best Body Sunscreens Shield Skin Without Feeling Greasy

You’ll even look forward to applying it.

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best body sunscreens 2024
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Join TZR editors for Main Squeeze, the series dedicated to sharing beloved beauty products — be they bold, effective, or simply fun — that make our week just a little bit better. Ahead, Team TZR spotlights their favorite body sunscreens of the moment.

Not to sound like the biggest nag, but wearing sunscreen is the single most important skin care step. Yes, even if it isn’t 85 degrees and sunny out or you’re staying inside all day. Aside from preventing skin cancer, SPF also prevents a slew of common skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. While, sure, high-tech serums and in-office treatments have all of the bells and whistles to potentially minimize the appearance of these issues, you’re setting yourself up for a never-ending cycle of damage control if you’re skipping SPF. The risk is exponentially greater during the summer when you typically spend more time outdoors. That’s where the best body sunscreens come into play.

These elegant formulas offer protection without any heavy, greasy residue or an opaque white cast. Whether you prefer chemical or mineral SPF filters, there’s an option out there for you. With a variety of skin types and preferences, TZR editors are very opinionated and passionate about their suncare products. Ahead, the team shares the body sunscreens they’re keeping within reach all summer long — and beyond.