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This Body Scrub Is The Only Thing I Trust To Help With Hyperpigmentation

Worth the hype.

Catherine Santino
best body exfoliator

Summer is officially here, and my insanely dry skin could not be more thankful. Most people curse the seasonal humidity, but I rejoice in the few months out of the year when my skin looks like it might actually contain a single drop of moisture. That being said, I can’t rely on the weather alone for my summer glow — especially when it comes to body care. Luckily, I’ve found the best body exfoliator for hyperpigmentation that gives my skin an even-toned shimmer.

You might have seen Soft Services’ Smoothing Solution making the rounds on TikTok recently, but it’s far from an overhyped internet sensation. The unique gel-serum formula contains lactic acid and urea for exfoliation as well as glycerin for moisture retention. Reviewers rave about its ability to help with keratosis pilaris (aka, “strawberry skin”), but I’ve found it hugely beneficial in treating rough, hyper-pigmented areas like my elbows and knees. It has done what endless scrubbing with a physical exfoliant never could — and now there’s no going back.

In addition to my new favorite exfoliant, I rely on an arsenal of moisturizers and glow-givers to achieve a sunkissed effect. I’ve even found *the* most natural-looking self-tanner on the market that has never once left my skin looking patchy — yes, really. Now, I’d be lying to you if I said that I do a full-on body care routine every single day. I’m far too lazy for that, and sometimes the summer heat makes it impossible to even think about slathering on product after product.

But if you’ve been searching for radiant skin summer after summer, consider my lineup of tried-and-true body care products.

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